Sick Visits

Sick Visits services offered in Lanham, MD

Sick Visits

Sick Visits services offered in Lanham, MD

Knowing where to turn can make the situation easier to manage when you or a loved one is injured or ill. The team at Chivic Healthcare Services in Lanham, Maryland, offers comprehensive sick visits to patients. Scheduling is flexible, and same-day visits are often available. When you need care, contact the office online or over the phone to get started.

Sick Visits Q&A

What is the purpose of sick visits?

The sole focus of sick visits is determining the source of current symptoms and getting you started on a fast track toward relief. While you can certainly head to an urgent care clinic for help when illness or injuries arise, turning to a team of providers who already have access to your medical record and know you as an individual is a great way to feel better quickly. 

During your visit, your practitioner asks about your symptoms and performs a quick physical assessment. Many forms of rapid testing are done right in the office. Lab testing is also possible, although the results take a bit longer to come in. 

Your practitioner determines a treatment plan to help you feel better quickly. You discuss self-care methods you can do at home. If you need prescriptions, you receive them during the visit and can fill them on the way home.  

What kinds of issues bring people in for sick visits?

The team at Chivic Healthcare Services handles a wide range of acute health needs. Many different issues get treated during sick visits. Some of the problems that bring people in for these visits include:

  • Fever
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Minor lacerations
  • Skin rash
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Sprains and strains
  • Sports injuries

If you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or loss of consciousness, your local emergency room is the best place to turn for immediate care. 

How should I prepare for a sick visit?

Most people are not at their best when they arrive for a sick visit, which is especially true of parents who are worried about the health of a sick or injured child. Consider bringing someone with you to ensure you don’t miss any information during the visit. 

You can also prepare by creating a written record of your symptoms when they develop and what has helped them subside. This information enables your practitioner to narrow down a diagnosis and get you on a fast track toward relief. 

If you need prompt health care, call Chivic Healthcare Services to see if a same-day visit is possible. Online booking is always an option for less urgent scheduling needs, and remember that a telehealth visit can treat many issues.