Family Medicine

Family Medicine services offered in Lanham, MD

Family Medicine

Family Medicine services offered in Lanham, MD

Whether you feel unwell or need a wellness checkup, family medicine provides a great starting point to meet all your health needs. At Chivic Healthcare Services in Lanham, Maryland, the skilled practitioners have the expertise to provide excellent medical care for you and the whole family. To learn more, schedule an appointment by phone or click the contact page to book online.

Family Medicine Q&A

What is family medicine?

At Chivic Healthcare Services, family medicine is a primary care specialty focused on providing comprehensive health care services to those aged four and older, treating health conditions within the context of family and community. 

The team offers a wide range of medical care, from routine checkups to the diagnosis and treatment of various acute and chronic illnesses. Your family medicine practitioners serve as the primary point of contact for you and your family in managing everyone’s overall health and well-being.

What issues does family medicine address?

Family medicine addresses a wide range of health concerns and needs, including:

Preventive care

Preventive health care includes vaccinations, screenings, and counseling on lifestyle modifications to prevent diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Acute and chronic conditions

Your family physicians diagnose and manage a broad spectrum of acute illnesses (like the flu) and chronic conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or arthritis) while coordinating specialized care if needed.

Mental health

The Chivic Healthcare Services team addresses mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders, and can provide counseling or referrals to mental health specialists when necessary.

Pediatrics and geriatrics

Family medicine doctors are skilled in caring for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, offering age-specific medical care tailored to the unique needs of each group.

Women's health

The skilled physicians provide reproductive health services, gynecological exams, family planning, and pregnancy care.

What are the benefits of family medicine?

At Chivic Healthcare Services, one of the main benefits of family medicine is the relationship you build with your practitioner over time. In addition, they extend care to the entire family unit, allowing for a deeper understanding of familial health patterns and genetic predispositions. This broader perspective allows them to provide proactive health management and disease prevention.

The team also provides personalized and holistic care, ensuring that treatment plans align with your unique needs. As your primary point of contact for most health concerns, they offer accessible care and specialist referrals when necessary.

Reach out to Chivic Healthcare Services today to learn how family medicine can benefit you and your whole family. Call or book online.